These are the Hardware services we offer, click the service to find out more.


PC Repair - We service all manufacturer, models and types including but not limited to Dell, Mac, HP, Laptop, Towers, and Servers.

Peripheral Repair - We repair most peripherals including but not limited to Printers, Scanners, Backup drives, External Drives.

Install/Setup - We will install your new computer and install any and all software you need to get started. We will also wipe and setup an old computer for a new user.

Upgrade - We will upgrade your computer to improve performance. Upgrades include but are not limited to Memory, Processors, Video/Sound cards. Any upgrades are available subject to compatibility.

Purchasing - We will find and purchase any hardware you need for you. Including but not limited to Computers, Monitors, and External Drives.

Part Replacement - We can replace and install if needed any parts you need. Any broken or lost parts including but not limited to Power Cords, Hard Drives, Disk drives. We will replace hard to find parts for older devices.